Conference Overview

Since its inauguration in 2006, the IBSSC has become the largest dean-level conference for business schools in the Asia-Pacific region, in terms of both number of participants and high profile of speakers. At each conference, the IBSSC has invited more than 40 Deans as speakers from top business schools in different parts of the world, and about 220 dean-level participants will represent 160 business schools, from more than 45 countries and regions. The IBSSC is also recognized worldwide as one of the most influential and international business school conferences globally.

We are now living in a world facing unprecedented challenges, including polarization and separatism, climate change, and disruptive technologies. What are the qualities that our future business leaders must have? And what roles should business schools play in shaping such leaders for the turbulent world? These questions have inspired IBSSC, the conference we bring together deans of business school around the world.

The pandemic after 2020 has dramatically changed almost every single aspect of the business world: shifting to remote working almost overnight, some sectors forced to hibernate if not shut down indefinitely, new business opportunities and challenges quickly emerging. It is our belief that the business world would not be the same again even after the COVID-19. Neither would the business education.

At the 9th International Business School Shanghai Conference, We, business schools around the globe as a community, need to reimagine our business education after the pandemic crisis. It includes not only the new contents we need to dive into such as dealing with uncertainty and risk, digitalizing operations while accommodating shifts in working forces, the rise of new technologies such as machine learning and automation etc.. But it also includes the way in which we do business education: how to hybridize offline learning with remoting study; how to work with corporate worlds in a new fashion.

The 9th International Business School Shanghai Conference would dissect the long-lasting impact of pandemic crisis on the contents and ways of the future business education. We sincerely look forward to your participation in October, 2022.

We Warmly Welcome

Leaders (presidents, vice presidents, deans, associate deans) from global business schools and their parent universities;

Directors in international accreditation or international programs;

Leading executives in business education from the private sector.

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