Prof. Johngseok Bae
Dean of Korea University Business School, South Korea

Professor Johngseok Bae, Dean of Korea University Business School. During 2018 and 2020, he was the Director of the Institute for Business Research and Education at Korea University. Professor Bae’s Area of Specialization and Teaching focuses on Philosophy of Management, and Strategic Human Resource Management. He has undertaken many roles both at the academic field and other external areas. He served as the President of Korean Academy of Management, Editor-in-chief of Korean Journal of Management, and Editorial members of three US/UK-based academic journals. And Professor Bae has been a Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. Beyond academic roles, he is a Board member of Edu-Corps Korea, used to be the President of Korea Christian Academy of Management, and has long been engaged in outside consulting activities for various corporations.



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