Prof. WEI Hang
Executive Associate Dean, College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Professor WEI Hang is the Executive Dean of the College of Business at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Chair Professor of the Department of Operations Management, Director of Shanghai Research Center for Data Science and Decision Technology, and Chief Expert of the Innovation Team of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Professor WEI has long been engaged in the research field of internet and operation management, intersection of operation and financial economy, management of new products and technologies, and service operation management. He has completed 2 projects of NNSF and published more than 40 papers in top journals at home and abroad, such as Production and Operations Management, Naval Logistics Research, Journal of Management Science in China, Chinese Journal of Management Science, etc. He has published three monographs, including "Research on Product Quality Risk Management Strategy in Supply Chain", "Research on Retailer Business Model Selection in Internet Environment", and "Research on Transportation of Hazardous Goods".



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