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The theme for this year's IBSSC is "AI and the Future of Business". Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a critical area of interest in the business world, from creating new business models, to reshaping business operations, and to modifying the ways of business education. The transformational impact of AI on the operational and competitive landscape of businesses through cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and accuracy improvement must be proactively discussed and integrated into business education. Moreover, the ethical concerns of AI development must be considered as well, as shown by recent events.

This year's conference will provide us, business educators from around the world, with a platform to confront the new opportunities and challenges from AI development. The questions are wide and varied, such as how to design new programs and courses that emphasize AI and related technologies, how to equip students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are demanded in an AI-driven world, and how to deal with new AI-related ethical challenges, to name just a few.


Theme: AI and the Future of Business

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